meet mr. slick

"i stay slicked up by adding prickly pear, wheat germ, and avocado oil to the mix for soothing hydration. and to sprinkle some extra magic, i had the honor of letting mrs. slick infuse her expertise with those wonderful extracts."

the slicks

"together we thought it would be groovy to add a functional scent that would make you feel as uplifted and energerized as we do. all it takes is one whiff and you'll be ready to boogie down"

meet mrs. slick

"while mr. slick is all oils, i've found my groove with extracts. whether it's the refreshing cucumber, the soothing agave, or the tropical punch of papaya – these are the secret weapons that will keep your skin hydrated and bid farewell to pesky body acne!"


hydrating body treatment

dealing with irritated, dry, chafing, inflamed, dull skin?

this hydrating body treatment is packed with a potent blend of fruit extracts to hydrate, heal, and firm your skin. it is gentle enough for daily use and will not transfer to your clothing after application. leaving you slicked up and radiant.

mood benefit: uplifting, invigorating, and energizing

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soothes irritation

with a powerful mix of anti-inflammatory properties.

prevents skin dehydration

by strengthening skin barrier to avoid moisture loss.

safe for eczema

using natural and plant derived ingredients suitable for eczema

a must have !!! - courtney r.

dare I say I like this more than lotion? - dejon h.

bottle is so much easier to control for application. - tyler