6 wellness tips for the fall

6 wellness tips for the fall

fall is officially upon us! the fall is a fantastic time of year, with plenty to enjoy, including cooler temperatures and colorful leaves. however, it's also the season when many people get a little SAD. we complied a few tips that will help you stay mentally healthy through the fall months:

start your day off with a warm glass of water and lemon.

warm water with lemon is a great way to kickstart your day. drinking warm water first thing in the morning helps you break down and digest food faster, which can help you feel fuller longer. it’s also important to drink enough fluids throughout the day—about 12 cups of water per day is ideal for most people.

lemon juice is believed to be a natural detoxifier and helps flush out toxins that build up in our bodies. It also helps keep things moving along in your digestive system, which promotes weight loss by reducing bloating and gas while preventing constipation! plus, its high vitamin C content helps boost immune function—and we all know how important it is during the cold season! and don’t forget about those antioxidants: they can help fight free radicals (damaging molecules) that cause damage at a cellular level on top of everything else they do for us as part of our natural defense system against disease development!

add protein to every meal or snack.

the next time you’re feeling hungry, try adding protein to your meal or snack. protein helps build muscles and repair tissues, it's important for growth and development, and it can help you feel full.

protein is not just for bodybuilders—everyone needs it! you can find protein in meat (beef), fish (salmon), eggs, nuts, and seeds.

use our decompress roll-on to create a relaxing, immune-boosting environment.

our decompress roll-on is a blend of essential oils that help create a relaxing, immune-boosting environment on the go. the cold weather can make you feel more tired and stressed out than usual, which can lead to a compromised immune system and even worse health problems down the road. 

the decompress roll-on uses essential oils like lavender and cedarwood which are great for reducing stress levels and helping you sleep better at night. they also have anti-bacterial properties that can boost your immune system during flu season—and who knows? maybe you'll get lucky enough to catch some sunshine during these last few days of summer!

enjoy the season by getting outdoors.

  • get outdoors. fall is the perfect time of year to enjoy nature's beautiful colors. take a walk in the park, go on a hike, visit a zoo or aquarium, visit a botanical garden or museum—just get out there!
  • eat well. fall is also prime time for eating lots of comfort foods like sweet potato pie, apple cider donuts, and butternut squash soup. try making your own apple cider donuts instead of buying them at the store. make it healthier by adding nuts and seeds before frying them up in coconut oil!

try acupressure, meditation, and yoga during stressful days.

acupressure is a form of massage that involves applying pressure to specific points on the body. acupressure can help relieve stress, improve your sleep and reduce pain. there are many different types of acupressure: one of the most common is using your fingers to apply pressure, but you can also try another technique called shiatsu which uses thumbs, palms, and elbows to provide massage.

this is also a great way to relax before bedtime!

drink tea to help you sleep better at night.

  • chamomile tea: to help you sleep better at night, drink chamomile tea before going to bed. you can also drink chamomile tea in the morning before you go to work if you want a quick nap during your break.
  • oolong tea: if only black teas were as potent as oolongs! oolongs are great for helping with insomnia and calming the mind so that it's ready for sleep time.
  •  jasmine green tea: jasmine green teas are very relaxing when consumed at night because they're high in linalool—an essential oil found naturally occurring in many flowers such as lavender, rosewater etcetera."

taking care of yourself during the fall will help you avoid getting sick.

the fall is a great time to take care of yourself, whether you’re an employee or someone who works from home. it's a season for enjoying the outdoors and getting more sleep. but what else can you do to stay healthy?

first, make sure to get plenty of exercise during the fall. the weather is still nice enough that you can go outside and enjoy running or biking with friends. if it gets too cold, hit up your local gym instead—just don't forget your hat!

second, eat more protein at meals like eggs or Greek yogurt. eating protein will give you energy when it matters most and help keep hunger away throughout the day. 

finally, drink plenty of water throughout each day—at least 64 ounces per day should suffice! drinking lots of water helps keep skin clear while providing hydration needed by our bodies all year long (especially during summertime).


so, there you have it! all of these tips are simple and easy to do. they’re also extremely effective in helping you feel better during the fall season. when you take care of yourself by eating right and exercising, your body will thank you with more energy and better sleep at night. plus, taking time out for yourself throughout the day can boost your mood and help reduce stress levels which will make it easier to get through any stressful days ahead!


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