10 ways to decompress

10 ways to decompress

sometimes you just need to vibe and blow off steam and that's what this blog post is about!

go for a walk or run.

  • go for a walk or run. exercise is one of the best ways to decompress, and it can lower your stress levels and make you feel better about life. try walking for 15 minutes at a comfortable pace, then gradually increasing your pace until you're running for 60 seconds (at an easy-to-medium pace). repeat this cycle two more times. running is especially good if you're feeling tense because it helps with circulation and releases endorphins in the brain that help reduce anxiety.
  • swim laps in the pool. if exercise isn't your thing but swimming is, head to the pool! swimming works out all of your major muscle groups while also getting rid of any extra toxins in your body from being stressed out. As long as there aren't too many people around (too distracting), swimming should be able to make even the most anxious person feel relaxed and ready to take on their day with renewed passion after their dip in the water!
  • bicycle through your neighborhood! cycling is another great way of releasing those pent-up emotions while getting some fresh air at the same time – plus they are usually much cheaper than other forms of transport like uber or buses so they're perfect if money's tight at present.

read a good book.

if you're looking for a way to relax and decompress, then reading a good book is the perfect option. reading can be an excellent escape from the stress of your day-to-day life, allowing you to fall into another world for a while. it also helps you sleep better at night, which in turn helps reduce stress levels throughout the day as well.

watch a tv show that makes you laugh.

watching a tv show that makes you laugh is a great way to decompress. if it's not too late at night, try watching something like insecure or our new fav abbott elementary. it will help you wind down, and it doesn't have to be a comedy! for example, if you know your favorite episodes of one of the real housewives series and it makes you LOL every time, put them on in the background while making dinner or doing laundry.

whatever show(s) you choose mustn't be too serious—if they are, they could make you more stressed out rather than relaxed and happy! Avoid watching shows that are violent or scary; this can create stress as well as anxiety in people who suffer from anxiety disorders. 

listen to music.

music is a great way to decompress. you can listen to a favorite song or album, or even just put on our decompress playlist and let them take you away.

music is also a great way to relieve stress and anxiety because it stimulates the brain's pleasure center, which releases dopamine into your bloodstream. this causes you to feel good as well as relaxed, so it can help reduce your stress levels!

grab some headphones, lie down with your favorite song playing softly in the background, close your eyes and let your mind drift away from all of life's worries...

eat some food.

we all know that food can be a distraction, but it's also great for helping you focus on something other than your stressor. eating is an emotional experience—you're tasting and smelling things, becoming more aware of the texture and temperature of your food as you eat it. and if you're eating with other people, there's social interaction at play as well! eating can help you feel better about yourself or your life in general (there's no denying that feeling). but everything is good in moderation! 

let it all out in a physical way, like screaming or punching something (never someone).

if you’re feeling anger or frustration, letting it out physically can be a good thing. it can help you feel better and release stress. you may also find that the anger turns into ideas on how to solve the problem or at least a better understanding of why it is causing you such distress.

take a nap.

whether you're suffering from sleep deprivation or just tired and want to recharge, napping is one of the best ways to decompress. as we've established, your body needs sleep and you should listen to it! here are some benefits of napping:

  • naps increase creativity. when compared with not taking a nap, taking a 20-to-30-minute power nap can boost your creativity by more than 60%. any longer than 30 minutes will lower your alertness levels and make it harder for you to focus on tasks that require attention.
  • naps help improve memory. the latest studies suggest that daytime napping can protect against age-related declines in memory function by helping preserve memory consolidation during sleep.
  • naps speed up healing after injury or surgery. even 10 minutes worth of restorative deep sleep helps reduce inflammation levels while increasing growth hormone production—both key factors in speeding up healing from injuries like broken bones."

do something with your hands, like knitting or working on a project.

as the saying goes: “idle hands are the devil's workshop.” if you find yourself fidgeting while you're stressed, one way to keep those restless fingers occupied is by doing a simple activity that requires your fingers and hands (like knitting). even if it's not something you've tried before, give it a shot—you might be surprised at how much fun it can be!

another option is working on a project or hobby of some kind; this could range from woodworking to jewelry-making or whatever else interests you. if crafting isn't your thing but creating things still helps calm you down when feeling overwhelmed by stressors in life, then try out some other alternatives such as painting or drawing (or maybe even writing).

stop resisting and embrace the bad mood and let it go on its own time.

the first step is to realize that you are in a bad mood and accept it. the second step is to let go of trying to fight it because fighting the bad mood will only make you feel worse. you have to go through it on your own time, and this will happen whether or not you try to force yourself out of it.

the third point is how not letting this affect other areas of your life can help alleviate any stress you may feel from being in a bad mood, along with helping prevent negative self-talk from taking over your mind. if possible try not letting this affect work or relationships either—it’s always best for everyone involved if we can avoid conflicts when there are already enough things going wrong for us on our own!

lastly, we want to talk about sleep patterns because having trouble sleeping can often cause people problems throughout their day even if they aren’t feeling sad or depressed at all times (which some people do). if trying everything else fails then maybe consider seeing a doctor instead--but please don't ignore getting proper rest just because things seem fine right now."


There's no one right way to decompress, and everyone's process is different. as long as you're being mindful of your mental health and taking steps toward finding an effective coping mechanism, you're on the right track!

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