6 tips for a mental health spring clearning

6 tips for a mental health spring clearning

spring is right around the corner and we know that you have probably started your spring cleaning. spring cleaning is good for your mental health as the physical aspect such as moving, scrubbing, dusting, sweeping, and more produces endorphins which are good for reducing stress levels and boosting your overall mood. but we want to share with you how to do a mental health spring cleaning! 

start journaling.

journaling has many benefits and can help you declutter your mind as you enter into a new season. 

say goodbye to a bad habit.

sit down and create a list of bad habits you have been wanting to work on for a while. choose one to start as to not overwhelm yourself and create a plan on how you can break or rework this habit. for example, lazy sunday, but still make sure you hit the gym in the morning or take a walk at your local park. 

no more putting it off.

take your mental list of projects that you keep saying you're going to do and write them down. list the projects from smallest to largest and tackle them one by one. 

gratitude first.

it's time to take stock of the things you are grateful for. in our 5 benefits of journaling, we share a way to do this daily. however, in your day-to-day try to find 3 things each day you are grateful for. want a real challenge? find something new every day! 

retrain your perspective.

it's easier to be a negative nancy than a positive patty! but please in a world full of nancys be a patty. whenever your brain begins to spiral or turns negative, pause and think of the positive version of what you just thought about. for example,

negative: none of my spring clothes from last year fit me ugh!

positive: none of my spring clothes from last year fit, but I've been dying to refresh my wardrobe and I can give back by donating the clothes that don't fit.

a little shallow? yes, but you get the point it's all in how you see it. 

let it go.

it's a new season! let the drama and all the negativity go. we know it is hard the forgive the people that do us harm or cause us pain. however, holding on is affecting you more than it is affecting them, and for your sake let it go! 


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